VSC Installation

Step 1: Unpack the analyser and accessories.

Place the box of reagent rotors in the refrigerator (2°-8° C, 36°-46° F) immediately upon arrival

Remove analyser from box and place on level surface

Step 2: Set up analyser and electrical connections.

  • Attach AC supply cord (with electrical wall plug) to power adaptor
  • Attach DC power supply cord to back of VetScan
  • Plug AC supply cord into grounded electrical outlet
  • Make sure all connections are secure

NOTE: To prevent power surges or drains, do not plug the VetScan into the same circuit as your centrifuge, refrigerator, or any other high current device. Abaxis recommends that the VetScan be plugged into a surge protector designed for use with a computer. Abaxis recommends the use of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) if the VetScan will be used in an area prone to electrical surges or power outages.

The VetScan analyser will automatically turn on when plugged in to the electrical outlet. The analyser display will show the following messages:


You will need to push the OPEN/CLOSE key on the keypad to open the drawer.



Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Analyser does not turn on. (Verify that all connectors are firmly inserted and the electric outlet is working properly.)
  • Drawer fails to open when you push the OPEN/CLOSE key on the keypad.
  • Error messages pertaining to hardware or software are shown on the display.

Refer to Section 7, Troubleshooting in your Operator’s Manual. If the Troubleshooting guide does not correct your problem, call Technical Support at 01904 488507

Step 3: Setting System Parameters

The following procedures are performed using the MENU key. The drawer must be closed in order to access these special functions.

  1. Set time and date. See Operator’s Manual, Section 4.3, “Changing Date and Time” for details. The analyser is pre-set to US Pacific time and is in US date format (mm/dd/yyyy). NOTE: Date and time must be accurately set. The analyser uses this information to determine reagent dating when reading the bar-coded rotor prior to sample analysis. Incorrect settings could cause an error message to be displayed.

EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS: If desired, set time and/or date formats. See pages 4-9 and 4-10 of the Operator’s Manual.

  1. Measurement units. The analyser is pre-set to report results in common units (e.g., mg/dL). You may choose to change the units to SI units (e.g., mmol/L). To change units see Operator’s Manual, Section 4.6, “Selecting Units.”

If at any time, the normal sequence of events does not occur, refer to your Operator’s Manual or call our Technical Support Department (01904 488507). You can also email our Technical Support Department at .

The Technical Support representative will ask for

  • a description of the problem
  • the analyzer serial number and
  • software version number

Serial number and software version numbers can be accessed through the MENU key. A complete description can be found in the Operator’s Manual, Section 4.7, “Viewing Analyser Identification.”

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the VetScan analyser and are now ready to run samples.