VetScan VS2 Support

vs2If I inadvertently run an expired rotor, do I risk ‘inaccurate results’?

No. The analyser has a built-in sensor to determine the rotor expiration date. The analyser will cancel the run and display an error message.



My results have printed LIP, HEM or ICT instead of results, what does this mean?

The sample integrity is in question, the analyser has found the sample to contain high levels of either Lipaemia, Haemolysis or Icterus and is unable to give accurate results.

If a rotor was exposed to heat do I risk unreliable results as with other systems? Or if it’s run too cold?

Always store rotors in the appropriate conditions to help ensure accurate results. Rotors may tolerate brief exposure to heat or cold, but excessive exposure to extreme temperatures suppresses reporting of some results, since the VS2’s extensive built-in iQC mechanisms protect against reporting results for potentially compromised analytes.

What do the tilde (~ ~ ~) symbols in the results mean?

These symbols mean that the VS2’s iQC algorithm is functioning correctly and results for that particular chemistry analysis were suppressed. If the VS2 cannot assure reliable results because of sample quality, endogenous substances, or immeasurable analysis, the analyser suppresses the results rather than simply report unreliable numbers.

What happens if I run a rotor under the wrong species?

The analyser is specifically calibrated for different species. If a rotor is run under the wrong species bank, the results will be unusable, and the rotor must be run again under the correct species.

My VS2 is not running rotors and it keeps giving errors, what should I do?

Call Tech Support on 01904 488507. It is most likely that the errors are caused by sample related issues, if whole blood has been run, try plasma or serum. At Abaxis UK we operate a Rotor Credit system, we advise our customers to log all failures with us immediately in order to be eligible for a credit. Please ask for a credit sheet if you don’t already have one.

My analyser keeps giving me 404F – Temperature Errors – why?

It is likely that the air filter located on the back of the analyser needs a cleaning. We recommend that you do this every month to maintain a clean air flow. It is also wise to check the surrounding environment, other analysers or equipment might be giving off a lot of heat which the VS2 is inadvertently drawing in through the internal fan.