VetScan VUE

An innovative approach to in-house testing for infectious diseases. The VetScan VUE gives you the future of veterinary medicine… Today.

The Vetscan VUE utilises the same Wi-Fi technology you’ve become accustomed to in today’s wireless society. The VUE can be operated from any iOS or Android mobile device. Simply download the app, connect to the device, perform a test and share the result. It’s that simple.

The VUE uses a built-in optical processor to interpret the results, eliminating the possibility of any subjective erroneous interpretations and notifies the operator right to their mobile device, anywhere in the clinic.

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Vetscan VS2
Features  Benefits
App-based Platform Operate your VUE right from your iOS or Android mobile device. Simply download the app, connect to the device, and perform a test.


Automated Test Interpretation


Get accurate and reproducible results consistent with visual reads, but without operator subjectivity.


Integrated Timer


Never miss a read time again. The Rapid Test is scanned for a result on time, every time.




Use all single or combo Abaxis Rapid Tests in two different scan modes.


Archive, Share, or Transmit


Utilize the same wireless technology you’ve become accustomed to with your mobile devices. With any Wi-Fi access point, the VUE can transmit test results to the patient’s email or clinic workstation.


No Maintenance


Innovative design eliminates any need for time-consuming maintenance.


Small Footprint


The small footprint makes it a welcome addition to any clinic’s lab station.

Use the VetScan VUE with any Abaxis VetScan Single or Combo Rapid Tests

Single Tests for Vector-Borne and Faecal Diseases. Fast, accurate, easy and affordable — it’s a singularly better approach to rapids.