VetScan UA System Support

Should users change the battery in the UA?

No, users should not change batteries or it will void the warranty. Batteries can be changed, if necessary, by our service department.


How do I clean the UA analyser? 

Clean with a soft cloth or towel to remove dust and residue. DO not allow moisture to get onto the touch screen.


How do I clean the strip tray? 

The strip tray can be removed and cleaned as described in the User Manual.


When should I run a UA control? 

Contol runs check if the whole UA system is functioning properly – the UA analyser, strips and control material together. Control results that are out of the specified range could indicate that one or more of these parts of the system are not in proper condition.

  • Run when results are not as expected and check strip runs ok
  • Run when strips are suspected of being degraded or damaged due to humidity, heat etc
  • Run when instrument is suspected of being damaged


What happens if the strip is damaged – how are results affected?

  • Minor damage to pads – no effect on results
  • Large damage to pads or missing pads – results will be inaccurate or an Error-4 will result
  • In all cases of damaged pads, discard the strip and start with a non-damaged strip


What happens if a strip is cold (below room  temperature) when tested? 

LEU, GLU, CR test results will be low.


What happens if the urine is cold (refrigerated) when the strip is run? 

No effect on negative samples. LEU, GLU, CR, BIL, URO results will be low in positive samples.