VetScan Giardia Rapid Test

Fast. Accurate. Easy. Affordable.

The VetScan Giardia Rapid Test Kit is a qualitative test for the detection of Giardia antigens in faeces. Dogs become infected when they ingest trace amounts of Giardia cysts that may be present in water or other substances that have been contaminated with infected faeces. Diarrhoea is the main clinical sign, but giardiasis can lead to malnutrition, weight loss and dehydration.

The VetScan Giardia Rapid Test Kit uses a unique combination of monoclonal antibodies that provides the detection of Giardia antigens, allowing the veterinarian to screen for and diagnose the infection.

Easy to use. Easy to read.

Each test is provided with a simple, easy-to-use sample dilution device. Simply coat the swab with the faecal sample and break the seal to mix with diluents. Dispense 3 drops of specimen into the sample well and read results.

  • Fast – results in 10 minutes
  • Easy-to-read results
  • Room temperature storage
  • Available in 10-test or 20-test kit