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The VetScan® i-STAT® 1 delivers accurate blood gas, electrolyte, chemistry and haematology results in minutes from 2-3 drops of whole blood in a completely portable, handheld package – making it the ideal solution for critical care situations, hospital operating room monitoring, exotic animals and research needs at the point of care. Most importantly, the VetScan® i-STAT® 1 provides the additional information needed to monitor chronic disease patients, evaluate pre-anaesthetic patients and provide diagnostic specialty testing information for the ill patient in the exam or treatment room.


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Acid-base, blood gas, electrolyte, chemistry, and haematology testing with one platform Saves counter space and money while improving in-house testing capability
Small sample size – 95 µL or less Provides the ability to test small or ill animals such as an anaemic puppy or the fractious cat
Speed: most results in 2 minutes Obtain results, diagnose, discuss with clients and begin treatmentimmediately at the point-of-care
Accurate and reliable Offers peace of mind to make quick and confident patient assessment
Comprehensive internal quality control Ensures reliable results; removes the need and cost of external controls
Low maintenance Save costs and time
Portable, lightweight – only weighs 1.4 lbs Diagnose and treat at the point of care, patient side, whether out in thefield or in the exam room
Easy to use Minimal hands-on time and training; decreases user error and frustration
Integrated barcode reader Scans barcodes for patient ID, operator ID and cartridge lot information
Cardiac Troponin I Cartridge Only point of care test for assessing cardiac muscle and damage

VetScan VS2 – On-Site Chemistry Analyser


VetScan HM5 – Advanced Haematology Five-Part Differential

Vetscan HM5

i-STAT Alinity v – Easy-to-use, portable analyser


Rapid Tests – Single tests for Vector-Borne and Faecal Diseases


VetScan HDmicroscope – a digital imaging solution to enhance the laboratory experience


VetScan Fuse – The connection between practice and patient


VetScan Urine Analyser – Urinary kidney and metabolic health screening


VetScan Sediment Analyser – urine microscopy with standardisation, efficiency, reliability and accuracy.

Vetscan SA

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