VetScan HM5 – Haematology Analyser

Advanced Haematology Five-Part Differential

The VetScan HM5 is a fully-automated, five-part differential haematology analyser displaying a comprehensive 22-parameter complete blood count (CBC) with cellular histograms on an easy-to-read touch-screen. Its superior performance, elegant design, ease of use, true database management capability, and minimal maintenance make it the optimal haematology system for veterinary clinics, research laboratories, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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Feature Benefit
Five-part differential on cat, dog, horse, cow, alpaca and llama; three-part on nine other species Flexibility to analyse 17 common species in your practice
24 parameters, including direct eosinophil counts and eosinophil percentage Provides full CBCs analyses for even allergic and parasitic cases
Small, space-saving, elegant design with large touch-screen display Fits on nearly every clinic counter
Advanced, integrated self-cleaning system Minimal maintenance facilitated by software reminders and step-by-step instructions
On-screen patient results trending Easy patient monitoring over time
Stores 5,000 records in database with simplicity, flexibility and usability Easy database backup and access
50 μL sample size for 5 part, 25 μL for 3-part Allows analysis of low-volume samples and replicate runs for small or young animals
Highly accurate, reproducible results comparable to reference lab analysers High confidence in results
Integrates with common practice management systems Solutions available to fit with your lab workflow
Eco-friendly, cyanide-free reagents Simplified reagent handling
USB and ethernet ports Easy loading of software upgrades or archiving of data
Three to four minutes to results Fast turnaround for each sample – run nearly 20 samples per hour in five-part mode
Validated for peritoneal and synovial fluids In-clinic fluid evaluation and therapy monitoring for inflammation, infection and oncology cases

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VetScan HM5 – Advanced Haematology Five-Part Differential

Vetscan HM5

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