NEW – VetFuge

High Speed Micro Centrifuge

The VetFuge is an integral part to any in-house lab. It offers an intuitive simple digital interface for quick and convenient setting and reading of parameters. All of this is in a small footprint – saving valuable bench space. The VetFuge is compatible with capillary tubes, ml & 0.5ml blood tubes and chronicle urine tubes. With imbalance detection and auto cut off the VetFuge will help make sure your samples aren’t affected. Spinning up to 15,000RPM the VetFuge is essential for any veterinary clinic.

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Vetscan VS2
  • Brushless DC Motor – allows for maintenance free operation and a better power/weight ratio for extended runs
  • Microprocessor Controlled with a large digital display
  • Intuitive and simple interface for quick and convenient operation
  • Increased airflow designs ensures less heat generation for greater sample safety and quiet run time
  • Lid lock safety
  • Suitable for use in hoods and cold rooms
  • Small footprint saves valuable bench space
  • Imbalance detection with auto cut off

VetScan VS2 – On-Site Chemistry Analyser


VetScan HM5 – Advanced Haematology Five-Part Differential

Vetscan HM5

i-STAT Alinity v – Easy-to-use, portable analyser


Rapid Tests – Single tests for Vector-Borne and Faecal Diseases


VetScan HDmicroscope – a digital imaging solution to enhance the laboratory experience


VetScan Fuse – The connection between practice and patient


VetFuge – High speed micro centrifuge

Vetscan cue

VetScan Urine Analyser – Urinary kidney and metabolic health screening


VetScan Sediment Analyser – urine microscopy with standardisation, efficiency, reliability and accuracy.

Vetscan SA

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