Biolis 24i Premium

Your in-house commercial laboratory.

The Biolis 24i Premium brings the lab to your door with unparalleled levels of accuracy and reliability. Complete with easy to use software and capable of running more than 200 tests per hour the 24i is the comprehensive biochemistry and immunoassay solution.

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Biolis 24i Premium
Feature Benefit
Ease of use Any menu accessible with a single click on icons arranged on upper or lower screen.
Colour display and voice guidance make it easy to understand test status.
Space saving compact, desktop design Can be installed and operated in space provided by half a standard office desktop.
Requires no extra plumbing or electrical installation
Accuracy comparable to reference laboratories Diagnose and treat patients confidently with your very own commercial laboratory standard analyser
Air pressure mixing Guaranteed reliability and sample accuracy as no reagent carry-over between tests because mixing is done with air pressure, without stirrers.
240 Tests/hour Maximise your busy workload
Cost effective Save money with all inclusive rental options, including reagents and servicing
Quick results Obtain results, diagnose, discuss with clients and begin treatment within one visit
Stores 10,000 patient records Provides peace of mind that results are secure and allows recall of patient history

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