New Products for BSAVA

Abaxis will be launching two new products at BSAVA Congress 2017.


The two new consumables represent a continuation of product development over the last 18 months, which has seen the launch of the VetScan HDMicroscope, the VetScan Vue Rapid Test reader, the announcement of the VetScan Fuse and two new Rotors: Preventive Care Profile Plus and Electrolyte Plus.


The two new products will see our test portfolio expand even further with additions to the VetScan Rotors and VetScan Rapid Tests profiles.


We are delighted to announce as the 13th Rotor for the VetScan VS2 РPhenobarbital Profile. 

The Phenobarbital Profile will be a cost-effective profile for epileptic patients, allowing you to evaluate the level of phenobarbital treatment with liver values simultaneously in ONE profile. Monitoring the level of phenobarbital is essential to achieve maximal seizure control while avoiding negative side effects.




Also launching is an addition to our Rapid Test product range – cPL.

Eradicate the questionable results and misdiagnoses with the the automated, semi-quantitative test for Canine Pancreatitis. No longer will you have to guess the results based on spot density, the VetScan cPL Rapid Test delivers an exact number which gives you confidence in the result.






We will have special launch offers exclusively at BSAVA Congress 2017 – Stand 504.