VetScan i-STAT 1 Analyser Support


Do I need to run controls for the VetScan i-STAT1?

No. A series of automatic quality checks are performed during each test cycle. When there is a quality check failure, a message is displayed with the cause and corrective action. The quality checks detect improper environmental conditions, analyser function, cartridge filling, cartridge function, and sensor function.

If running an external control is part of your standard lab practices, controls are available for purchase from Abaxis UK. Target values can be found here:


Does the VetScan i-STAT1 require a lot of maintenance?

No, not at all. Only maintenance required for the VetScan i-STAT is a software update every 6 months.


Why does the VetScan i-STAT1 have software updates?

The VetScan i-STAT1 System is designed to eliminate operator influence on delivered results. Due to the continuous manufacturing process improvements to the VetScan i-STAT1 System, it is necessary to update standardisation values from time to time to maintain long-term consistency of performance. These updates are equivalent to manually adjusting calibration on a traditional laboratory analyser.

New CLEW software-delivered twice a year on a CD-ROM re-establishes these standardisation values and incorporates refinements to the internal quality monitoring system. New JAMS application software allows the VetScan i-STAT1 to recognise any newly launched cartridge types and to perform any newly launched feature.


If the VetScan i-STAT1 instrument is exposed to extreme heat or cold, will it still produce reliable results?

Operating temperature for VetScan i-STAT 1 cartridge testing is 16-30 °C (61-86 °F). If it is out of this range, please take proper steps to get this analyser back to this temperature range.


Where do I store the VetScan i-STAT1 cartridges?

All VetScan i-STAT1 cartridges should be refrigerated at 2-8 °C (35-46 °F). Once removed from the refrigerator, cartridges can be stored at room temperature (18-30 °C or 64-86 °F) for up to two weeks. Once a cartridge has been warmed to room temperature, do not return it to the refrigerator.


Ok, the VetScan i-STAT1 is portable, how long do the 9V batteries last?

Two 9 volt lithium batteries will provide power for approximately 400 chemistry cartridges. They are available for purchase from Abaxis UK.


I am having difficulties running a cartridge, why?

This could be due to sample or cartridge issues. Make a note of the error code given on screen and contact Tech Support on 01904 488507 for further assistance.