i-STAT Update Now Available


If you have a VetScan® i-STAT® 1 Hand-Held analyser, it should be prompting you that the CLEW (software) is due to expire. The analyser will not function until this has been completed.


Please take one of the following options below to update your analyser. All VetScan® i-STATs must be updated if you wish to continue using it.

Please contact:

OR call on 0845 300 834 

Please note – The new software has been thoroughly tested, if any problems occur during the update process (either via downloader or at Head Office) then the responsibility lies with the analyser and therefore to you, the customer. Any subsequent repairs to the analyser will be the responsibility of the customer and not Abaxis UK. The Support Team will take every precaution to make sure all analysers are updated without failure.