Abaxis CPD at BSAVA Congress

Abaxis are pleased to announce that we will be running our own set of lectures at BSAVA Congress 2017. Joining us from the US is Dr. Andrew J Rosenfeld, DVM, Diplomate ABVP who will guide you through the ‘Elements of Emergency and Ill Patients Diagnostic Evaluation’ over three 1 hour lectures in the Premier Lounge of the Barclaycard Arena.

This is the first time we have offered any CPD at an exhibition and we are confident Dr. Rosenfeld will provide an interesting and engaging platform for our guests. We hope to see you there.


The overall goal of this 3 hour program is to help medical teams be able to implement a clinical diagnostic emergency and ill patient protocol.  The lecture material will focus on straight forward clinical diagnostics that will help to evaluate a patient’s stability, develop clinical diagnostic problem list that will help identify the patient’s concern, and generate treatment options.


  • Lecture I: Developing a minimal clinical database: This lecture content will focus on how to evaluate a patient initially with specific clinical diagnostics to evaluate stability, identify a problem list and implement treatment to help stabilise the emergency patient.
  • Lecture II: Utilising Acid / Base in everyday practice:  The overall goal of this program is to help medical teams be able understand acid / base analysis, its use in the diagnostic process, how to identify the cause of acidosis, and develop treatment protocols.  Key factors in this program will focus on how to understand the importance of blood gas analysis in the diagnostic evaluation of the ill patient, be able to differentiate between metabolic and respiratory acidosis, develop a differential disease list for the metabolic acidosis patient, identify diagnostic and treatment protocols for the ill patient.
  • Lecture III: The Diagnostics of the Vomiting / Diarrhoea Patient:  This lecture content will focus on clinical evaluation of the diarrhoea and vomiting patient utilising point of care diagnostics, blood film evaluation, and the use of lateral flow diagnostic testing to help differentiate patient’s that require a full diagnostic work up and those that can be treated conservatively.  Course material will be an interactive case based format.


Upon Completion of the Course:

  • Understand the necessary components of an emergency and ill patient diagnostic database.
  • Understand how to set up emergency care diagnostics protocols for the ill patient.
  • Understand the importance of the blood film and how to train team members to do a blood film review.
  • Be able to train team members how to discuss emergency and ill patient diagnostic testing with the client


The class size is limited to 70 people per lecture, so space may be limited, please arrive early to avoid disappointment. This training program is targeted veterinarians and advanced technicians.



Andrew J. Rosenfeld, DVM, Diplomate ABVP – .  Dr. Rosenfeld is the Medical Director of Abaxis Global Diagnostics and has spoken on numerous occasions on topics in Emergency Medicine, Small Animal Anatomy and Physiology, and Cardiology.  Dr. Rosenfeld has been medical director of many facilities, his last position was medical director of VCA Boston Road Animal Hospital, a specialty, emergency and wellness hospital.  He was Director of Technical Education for the Pet’s Choice family of veterinary hospitals and specialty practices. He has practiced small animal critical care and emergency medicine for 25 years.  Dr. Rosenfeld is a member of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners and was an adjunct professor at Mesa Community College and Arizona State University.  Dr Rosenfeld has also authored a text for veterinary hospitals called The Veterinary Team Handbook from Blackwell Press.